I have never once known what I am doing.
— Swaré

In 2017 Swaré made his debut vocal appearance on Failr's 'Starving For You'. Shortly after he released his debut single 'I Want You to Move', an electro pop song with inspiration from rock, pop and electro classics.

"Growing up in my house there was always a lot of different music playing. A lot of rock stuff and pop. Some obscure and others not so much. Those records that I heard as a kid have absolutely shaped my own style. As I grew older I began to branch out from my parents record collection and started listening to Michael Jackson almost religiously. Then as a teenager it was Led Zeppelin. Years later a friend introduced me to electronic music. It wasn't until I started listening to guys like Daft Punk and Justice, studying people like Bowie, that I knew I wanted to do this full time."

In November 2017 Swaré released his second single, 'Remember'. A catchy pop song with a darker undertone.

"This was the first time I wrote about more than just going out and partying. I still want people to dance to my music, but that doesn't mean it can't have a more significant meaning."

In 2018, inspired by R'n'B and the rhetoric of modern pop lyrics , Swaré released his third single, 'Purple Kites'. 

"It dawned on me how unhealthy most pop lyrics and themes are. People singing about how they can't breathe without someone around or how they'd die if their love left them and so on. I wanted to make an over the top, exaggerated version of this whilst still being believable in a way. I was listening to a lot of NAO at the time and was working through an interesting relationship myself so that's how it all came together."

Delving further into personal experiences and returning to a disco pop sound, Swaré released his fourth single, 'Houston'. An upbeat funk tune inspired by Swaré’s adventures in hedonism, self indulgence and knowing when to stop.