WHO IS Swaré?

Swaré is an independent electronic music producer based in Sydney, Australia.

In July, 2017 whilst recording his debut EP, Swaré teamed up with fellow Sydney artist Failr to create the instant classic 'Starving For You'. This was Swaré's musical debut as a vocalist.

Coming off the back of the collaboration Swaré released his own debut single in August 2017 titled 'I Want You to Move', recorded at Vienna People Studios in Sydney's inner West. 

"Growing up in my household there was always music playing. All kinds of music. I was lucky that my parents had a really extensive taste in music and there was always something playing, any time of day. A lot of rock & roll, pop music from all over. Some of it was pretty obscure, other stuff not so much. The Beatles, everyone's parents played the Beatles. That kind of upbringing has definitely had an impact on my own musical style. A lot of what I make is influenced by those classic rock and pop tunes that I would hear as a kid."